Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Eat Healthy

So I mentioned my lunch as school in the last post, but what about breakfast and dinner? How do you maintain a healthy diet in a high stress job while minimizing the time you need to cook. Find out after the jump

Okay, so disclaimer: I'm a 6'4" bachelor living alone... so this might not work well if you're living with a family. I also love to cook vegetarian. When it comes to the day in and day out cooking, I eat on a budget but I eat well. Since I changed my diet to this schedule, I've only been sick once. Which is great.
Here's the rundown for Mon-Fri

2 bananas
1 serving of frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, mango, etc)
1 multivitamin pill (I use the all day energy so I'm not jonesing for a soda later)
1 serving of vanilla whey protein powder
1 serving of Chia seeds
It only takes a few seconds to make the night before, and is ready for you in the morning, so you can sleep in a bit later. Oh! Just make sure you remix it in the morning because the water usually separates out. Booyah!

2 apples
2 oranges
Eaten over the course of the day, you end up not being hungry until dinner. I usually eat the almonds around 10, and then break the fruit into two servings later on. Granted, there are stressful days when I rock pizza, however those days are few and far between now. If you need something sweet during your day, eat starlight mints or peppermint patties. Remember to use sanitizer before eating this stuff since it's hand intensive and can be a great way to get germs in your system.

Depends on the week, however what I do is create large pots of stew or other yummy food involving absurd numbers of vegetables and beans. I make it on Sunday and it's there for the week. This way, if I'm exhausted when I come home from work, I already have my meal. If I'm not exhausted, then I still have a meal and it's really good for me. Also try steaming spinach and adding garlic and tomatoes to it. Delicious. On top of that, I'm not spending money eating out, so I'm saving it for social activities. And I'm a social guy.

What do you guys eat to stay healthy? How do you save time with food preparation in your busy schedule?


  1. We definitely follow the strategy of cooking in bulk on Sunday; stew, casseroles, curries, anything that can be made and frozen. But seriously, Ian, your metabolism must be extremely low. I would drop weight so fast if I had that few calories. Unless you drink your calories...

  2. There is drinking of some calories, fear not good sir :) However, I'm finding I've hit my balance - I certainly eat pita and hummus for snacks now and then, but in general, this has been keeping me insanely healthy and energetic for the last six or so months. I'll post links to some of the stews and stuff I've made as well.

  3. Spicy Yam Stew

    Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli

    Brazilian Black Bean Stew