Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Donde estas, Senor Saville?

Well guys, it’s been a whirlwind two months. I recently accepted a new job and am ecstatic with my new role, but time flies when you’re learning something new. And I’ve been learning a lot. A lot a lot. However, I still hold education near and dear and am thankful I get to continue my work with Free Arts.

Okay – the good news. I’ve made a jump into career counseling. When most people hear my change, they like me, find it to be a natural move. It’s exciting, I know a ton about it, and to top it off, I’m using my education background to teach folks how to navigate the doldrums of a job search. It works well, so stay tuned for great things, and reach out if you need some help looking for a new job.

On the education front, I am as passionate as ever about reforming our system. It’s still frustrating as all get out. I want to address the topics I brought up last post and on top of that really address the differences between the worlds of education and business. I’m reading an interesting book about business strategy right now and I want to talk about how it can be applied to education… because let’s be honest – there’s not a lot of big picture strategy going on in education. More on this soon. And I promise to more posts – there is much to discuss!

Until then, just call me your career advisor.

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